Often the people who are most passionate about orphaned and vulnerable children are those who have sacrificed time and money to go visit and volunteer at an orphanage or children’s home. We know you care deeply about the kids you’ve met which is why you are perfectly positioned to advocate for their best. Here are some things to think about before your next trip.



Host a night to share the Reimagine Orphan Care series with the people who went on your last trip or supported your trip.

Share the Reimagine Orphan Care series and this Short Term Mission Guide with a friend who is going on a trip or someone who is asking you to donate to their trip to an orphanage. 

Share the Reimagine Orphan Care series with your church before they head out on their next mission trip.



Look Closer to Home

Before you go on your next trip, go through this Short Term Mission Guide either by yourself or with your team. It will help you learn new ways to protect children during your trip. 

Expand your idea of what your usual trip could become. Instead of visiting an orphanage, see if you can volunteer at an organization that helps families or uplifts the community in the same area.

Did you know that your help is needed for vulnerable children and families in your own city? You can help so many children by becoming a foster family, a CASA, or providing respite for foster families.  Click here to learn more about domestic foster care.

reach out

If you need more ideas on how you, your church, your friends, or your community can better serve vulnerable children, please reach out. We’d love to help you!

Share this message! Please invite your church, friends, and family to learn the whole story.

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Gain Practical Insight