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frequently ASKED Questions

Thank you for visiting our site, taking time to learn more and genuinely desiring to make the world a better place for orphaned and vulnerable children.  If you don't see your question answered below please feel free to submit it below and we will add it to the site!

In the story of the orphanage, who does the hero represent? 

We hope anyone who has responded to a vulnerable child in the developing world will see themselves in this story. Whether they are a local leader in Uganda who responded to at-risk children in their own community, a compassionate pastor who has provided shelter for vulnerable kids, or a good-hearted Westerner who encountered extremely desperate situations abroad. We hope to celebrate the beauty of their sacrifice first. Each hero plays a significant role in reimagining orphan care for future generations. 

Where would an orphanage start to make changes?

Wonderful question! We'd love to point you towards our friends at the Better Care Network. They are doing great things and we know you will learn a lot from them.




Replicable Models for transition to Family-based Care